End of Season Voting Results
Mon 20th Apr 2020 @ 17:29:15 (4,280 Views)

Posted By : Mr Ryan Lewis

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Dear All,


After counting the votes, option 2 was the preferred option. Therefore the league will be going for a points per game basis. The results of the vote are below as scrutinised by our CFA representative.

The league standings will be released as soon as all outstanding discipline is complete. This could take a few weeks and we appreciate your patience whilst we deal with it. Further information will be sent as soon as possible.

We asked our County FA representative, Mr Brian Coddington, to scrutinise the results. This is his email response below:


I have been asked, as Director of the County FA and Representative to your League from the CFA, to scrutinise the votes cast re the "end of season decision"

I have done so and found the following, with the odd observation for clarity but which in no way affects the outcome:

The votes cast were as follows:


Option 1        11 (eleven) votes

Option 2        65 (sixty five) votes

Option 3        1 (one) vote.


I noted that some clubs had submitted the vote slightly differently to the way that was asked, i.e.,something over than an "x", but the votes were allowed to stand. Very much common sense applied here in my view and, as you will see from the difference in total votes there were not enough occasions of this happening to alter the outcome in any way.

Additionally, 1 club submitted figures across the various options. I presumed this was to reflect the varying votes from the varying teams, but as only 1 vote was allowed, the majority figure prevailed.  Again, this would not have amended the final outcome in any way.

The above is offered for transparency and not as criticism and I have no doubt that the vote has been conducted in a proper manner.  Therefore I am happy to say that the results above are a true and proper reflection of the votes cast.

Best regards,

Brian Coddington  

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