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A reminder about some deadline dates:


Players registration will cease at midnight on the 31st May.


A player shall not be de-registered from a Club in the Competition after 31st December.  Consideration may be given to applications for the de-registration of any player during the month of January but only if made in writing to the Competition Secretary.


A player may not be registered for a Club in the season long version of  Competition after 29th February except by special permission of the Management Committee. A player may not be registered for a Club in the split season version of competition after 2 Sundays of the final competitive element has passed.
Special permission to be defined as:
-Teams who have less than their playing format plus 3 subs. (5v5 single  = 8 players,  5v5  double  = 16 players, 7v7 single = 10 players, 7v7 double = 20 players, 9v9 = 12 players, 11v11 = 14 players)
-A teams goal-keeper who becomes injured or ill after the cut off date.
-Other exceptions that the management committee are happy to accept.
(ii) When a player is de-registered by an academy, and they produce released forms, and teams have spaces available as per the restrictions in rule DR7C then they will be able to sign then after the 29th February and will not require special permission from the league management committee.


Transfers are allowed up to and including the end of February.

(h)     Clubs must not advertise for players or hold trials until after the 31st May each year except in the under 7 age group for the following season. 

Advertising for players is permitted from the 1st June to the first Saturday in September without the words  “must not be registered with any other Sheffield & District Junior Sunday League team“.  
After the first Saturday in September, adverts for players MUST contain the words “must not be registered  with any other Sheffield & District Junior Sunday League team“. 
After the 31st  January, no advertising of any kind is permitted. (Only adverts for the following season’s under 7’s are permitted).

If a club does not have a particular age group, but wishes to enter one into the League for the next season,  the club is allowed to advertise for and recruit     players throughout the preceding season (as long as they are not registered elsewhere) and do not have wait until June before doing this.

The minimum fine for a breach of the advertising rules is £100 with a maximum fine of £250.

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